How to Recycle Plastic Waste

Although plastics have been around for about 100 years, they have become a significant part of our lives. Plastic recycling is crucial to help us deal with the existing waste and reduce the cost of production. There are social, economic, and environmental consequences associated with our disposal habits. Plastic disposal affects aquaculture, fisheries, recreational activities, […]

How To Choose A Good Performance Plastic Recycling Granulator?

With more and more concern about the recycling economy, the plastics recycling industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century. Now more and more choose to run recycle plastic business through plastic recycling granulators turning waste plastic particles into renewable recycled plastic pellets which can be reused to produce new plastic products. Many people […]

What Is Plastic Recycling Granulator?

What is PLASTIC RECYCLING GRANULATOR? Plastic recycling granulator is a machine used to break down crushed/washed/clean plastic waste into pellets, also called plastic recycling pelletizing machine. It is for plastic recycling. These machines are applicable to all types of plastic waste recycling. They include post-industrial plastic and post-consumer plastic, type HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP, […]