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16 Years of Rich Experience In Plastic Granulator And Pelletizing Recycling machines. Creating value for you is our mission!

Who We Are

Enviro Plastic Machinery (Foshan Trump Plastic Machinery Factory) located in Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong Province, founded in 2004, 16 years of rich experience, mainly R&D and manufacture plastic recycling extrusion machine. We pursue “service” as the first principle. Creating value for clients is our mission.

Our main product exhaust-type plastic extrusion granulator is suitable for mixing color and granulation of PP, LDPE, HDPE, nylon, PS, PVC, PC, ABS, PET, etc. Particularly, PE, PP recycling granulator-washing granulation daily output can reach 15 tons.

Enviro Plastic Machinery owns the experienced, professional plastic recycling machinery personnel. We strictly execute high-quality ” high-efficiency, high-order, high-standard” job specification in brand management, quality control, and after-sales, which ensure each client get the best service.

Energy-saving, Efficient, Durable, Environment-friendly, Enviro Plastic Machinery is qualified by many clients from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia over 50 countries.

How We Can Help You

We would offer you the whole plastic recycling pelleting project planning and customize the most suitable granulator unit according to your plant size, plastic waste sorts, worker number, output capacity. Helping you energy-saving, reducing your cost, making money for you are our goals.

Trusted Work

Mutual trust between partners, we would try our best to provide their local valuable market news to get business growth to achieve a win-win.

Guarantee Services

Each plastic recycling machine, we offer one year warranty and provide door-to-door installation, testing, and maintenance training service.

High Quality

Mutual trust between partners, we would try our best to provide their local valuable market news to get business growth to achieve a win-win.

Expert Engineers

We own 3~10 people R&D team. Our professional engineer dedicates keeping our machine at top-quality standards and solving the pain points.

Experience Skills

We have 16 years rich experience in R&D and manufacturing plastic recycling granulator. Creating value for you is our mission.

Low Cost

Our procurement department strictly controls all material costs at a low rate and choose the best quality supplier for machine at competitive pricing.

Our Great Partner

To build mutual benefit, we would spend our all efforts to support our partner and provide a comprehensive service.

Meet Our Team

I'm the CEO!!!


Working on Plastic Recycling Machinery, not only is a business but also is a responsibility. More and more plastic waste is polluting our earth who is fighting back to the human being. We must save our planet. Protect our Environment, make the world more BLUE and GREEN.

I'm the Co-founder!!!

Ivan Huen

The origin of plastic is from crude oil which is a non-renewable resource. Use Recycling plastic reduces exploring&using crude oil and reduces greenhouse air emissions. We can create and utilize renewable resources.

Our team divide into Management(Founder, Co-founder, Six Directors), Executive Department(executive&HR), Financial Department,R&D department, Procurement department, Inspection department, Production department. Each department works together hand in hand to ensure efficient work and quality improvement to provide high-quality plastic recycling granulator for each customer.

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