What Is Plastic Recycling Granulator?

What is PLASTIC RECYCLING GRANULATOR? Plastic recycling granulator is a machine used to break down crushed/washed/clean plastic waste into pellets, also called plastic recycling pelletizing machine. It is for plastic recycling. These machines are applicable to all types of plastic waste recycling. They include post-industrial plastic and post-consumer plastic, type HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PMMA, like Mixed Fraction-Pressed, film flakes, Mixed Fraction, Mixed packaging films, Regrind Fibers, Agricultural Film, L/DHDE Flakes, Fibre Spinning, Bottle Flakes, Trays Thermoforming, Nonwovens, Wovens, PP Edge Trim, Packaging Net, Injection Molding Sprues, Automotive Parts Blow Mold, etc. These plastic wastes almost all can be recycled into pellets by plastic recycling granulators.

In our category, the underwater cutting granulator is similar to the pneumatic granulator and the water jet granulator, the equipment mainly covers Plastic granulator, single/twin-screw plastic extruder, plastic film blowing machine, bag making machine, printing machine, coater, tape machine, tape slitter, slitter, packing machine. In the aspect of modification, alloy materials are the main materials, especially PET, PC, ABS, (PP, PE), which are being used in more and more fields. The difference is that it has a smooth flow of water through the mold surface and the mold surface in direct contact. The cubing chamber is large enough to allow the cubing knife to rotate freely across the die surface without limiting the flow temperature. The Molten Polymer is extruded from the die, and the granular material is cut by a rotating knife. The granular material is carried out of the pelletizing chamber by heated water and into a centrifugal dryer. In the Dryer, the water is discharged back to the tank, cooled, and recycled; the pellets are removed by a centrifugal dryer.

The material production line has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, and convenient cleaning. This has the advantage of mixing pigments, as the replacement of two batches of different pigments must be thoroughly cleaned equipment. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the cooling section takes up space and its length is determined according to the temperature requirement of the polymer.

Ivan Huen

Ivan Huen

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