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Plastic Waste Recycle Pelletizing Processs

In the world, every day there are all kinds of plastic waste thrown, including post-industrial plastic and post-consumer plastic, type HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PMMA, like Mixed Fraction-Pressed, film flakes, Mixed Fraction, Mixed packaging films, Regrind Fibers, Agricultural Film, L/DHDE Flakes, Fibre Spinning, Bottle Flakes, Trays Thermoforming, Nonwovens, Wovens, PP Edge Trim, Packaging Net, Injection Molding Sprues, Automotive Parts Blow Mold, etc. These plastic wastes almost all can be recycled into pellets by PLASTIC PELLETIZING MACHINE. The recycled pellets can be reused to produce new all kinds of plastic products.

LDPE waste

LDPE waste

HDPE waste

HDPE waste

PET waste

PET waste

PVC waste

PVC waste

PS waste

PS waste

PP waste

PP waste

ABS waste

ABS waste






LDPE pellet

Recycled LDPE pellet

HDPE pellet

Recycled HDPE pellet

PET pellet

Recycled PET pellet

PVC pellet

Recycled PVC pellet

PS pellet

Recycled PS pellet

PP pellet

Recycled PP pellet

ABS pellet

Recycled ABS pellet

How To Select A Suitable Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine?

  • Material type? (HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABC, PET, PVC….?)
  • Output Capacity (300kg/hr, 500kg/hr, 800kg/hr, or others?)
  • Plastic Waste shape? (Washed/Clean/Crushed, Film/Flakes/Scraps or others…..? )
  • Plastic Waste Condition? (Post-industrial Waste, Post-consumer Dirty waste, In-house clean waste, or others….? )

Who We Are

Enviro Plastic Machinery (Foshan Trump Plastic Machinery Factory) located in Shunde district, Foshan, Guangdong Province, founded in 2004, 16 years of rich experience, mainly R&D and manufacture PLASTIC RECYCLING MACHINE, including shredder, plastic washing line, plastic recycling pelletizer.

We pursue “service” as the first principle. Creating value for clients is our final mission.

How We Can Help You?

We would offer you the whole plastic recycling pelleting project planning and customize the most suitable PLASTIC GRANULATOR MACHINE according to your plant size, plastic waste sorts, worker number, output capacity. Our high-performance&cost-effective plastic recycling granules-making machine helps you energy-saving, reducing your cost, increasing more benefit.

Experience Skills

We have 16 years of rich experience in R&D and manufacturing plastic recycling granulators. Creating value for you is our mission. Trust us is your best choice.

Expert Engineers

We own 3~10 people R&D team. Our professional engineer dedicates keeping our plastic recycling equiptment at top-quality standards and solving the pain points.

Low Cost

Our procurement department strictly controls all material costs at a low rate and choose the best quality supplier for key components at competitive pricing.

Guarantee Services

Each plastic recycling machine, we offer one year warranty and provide door-to-door installation, testing, and maintenance training service. Quality is our core value.

Trusted Work

Mutual trust between partners, we would try our best to provide their local plastic recycling valuable market news to get business growth to achieve a win-win.

High Quality

In each production, we have strict inspection processes from steel material, motor texting, screw&sleeve casting to die face cutting assembling before delivery.

Service To All The World

Enviro Plastic Recycling Machine is qualified by many clients from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, etc over 50 countries. We would spend all our efforts to help your plastic recycling business, which spread the environmental protection value and protect our earth. 

Customer Cases

All plastic recycling machines, plastic waste sorting machines, plastic shredder, plastic waste washing line, plastic recycling granulator machine, the final output is recycled pellets. Our Japanese, Korean, Thailand customers cases give you some references. Working with is your wisest choice. Believe our good quality and service will get to you. 

Japanese Plastic Recycle Company

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Korea Plastic Recycle Company

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Thailand Plastic Recycle Company

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How To Choose A Good Performance Plastic Recycling Granulator?

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